March 1st 2015 04:25 - Casio CZ's turn 30 and Videos on the way

Writing on a blog that isn't live is good for your sanity... Or was it bad for it? Whatever. Planning to make it live soon anyway.


I recently finished composing the second of two new songs. One of the songs was made with the CZ-1000 and the other with the CZ-5000. The drum machine was not used. The first song is called Club CZ and has a 90's club vibe, the second is called Then and Now and is written in a 3/4 time signature, giving it a waltz-like feeling. It is likely they will appear on SoundCloud first, so you can keep your eye on that if you want to.


Otherwise, I've been busy, but I have found time to get everything shot and recorded for a video on the Zenith SlimsPORT, editing will begin soon but was delayed by an attempt to upgrade the workstation to 1.4GHz Tualatins - yes, to those that don't know, I am reduced to editing on a Pentium III system.


I have some pictures of stuff you will be seeing soon;


CZ-1000 CZ-5000 ZDS Vectordemo Mullet Man up to no good... Zenith does witchcraft!


- High Treason