February 18 2016 22:53 - Blast from the past

Influenza is a bitch! Just sayin' but I seem to be getting over it, it has been more annoying than anything. Anyway, I don't really have any news, nothing major anyway, but a big one about the move is coming within the next couple of weeks. I have also acquired a sampler, the Akai S2000 with no expansions which seems like it should be useful, seems pretty straight forward and I seem to get along with it just fine.


Outside of that, I have been rummaging in some of my archives and found a lot of stuff. Some videos, a few predating YouTube's existence, snippets of horrible projects I did years ago, some dial-up era pornography (it isn't very good) and snapshots of my old website. Here you go, hosted previously on this domain - so far as I remember. If you had come here in early 2005 this is what you would have found;


Old Website Screenie


It was in the process of being updated when the backup I have was taken, interestingly one of the updated assets was the image on the right (Originally, the site had very few images at an even lower resolution) and it shows the Pentium D's case when it had (I believe) the Athlon 64 installed in it. Next to it is a Pentium II which was about to head off to storage. I started this site on AOL Hometown, but the primitive ASP code suggests I had moved to DXZeff.com (Sound familiar?) and my own box by then. Sadly, with no internet and no access to my server, plus nobody to pay the bill, the update wasn't completed and the domain was closed... Not before some idiot turned off the server, which was in my house... but I had no access to my house being stuck in the kid's home at the time. Updates were made later but the site was not put back online.

There were two other sites operating on the server. One, a sub-site of my own (DXZeff.com/odds) which just had random crap on it - I suppose today you'd call it a blog, it may well be considered a forerunner to this very page - and another sub-site (DXZeff.com/trax) was for use by some guy who wanted to make a simple site about train spotting. He only had like three static pages running with one low-res image gallery, most images were hosted off-site somewhere else and I didn't give a damn. There was an older site which was still accessible on the server, my old bird watching site which probably started life around 1999 in the AOL Hometown EasyDesigner (Not 1-2-3 Publish, that sucked worse!). Interestingly, both that one and the PC site alternate between DXZeff and my other old alias on some pages (Usually only in the title or HTML) which certainly implies they are older than hell. Obviously these aren't online now so no point loading them as you'll get a 404 - but I am tempted to secretly put them back on the server for oldtime's sake as they would still run, so far as I know, given the content is mostly static. I don't have a backup of the train guy's site, all I could drag up was a very grainy picture of the train station in Hull before they butchered it even more some years ago. Pretty confident I still have archives of my other old sites though, but all of them are only partial copies as they were crappy differential backups. Without finding other backups to cobble a whole one together there will always be things missing.

An interesting point about the PC site, it shows the prices (local) for most components, citing a Quay Tec (local store) price list (these were handed out on paper and I may still have one) which proves I was right and things really were cheaper back then. Also, I think I got better at web design, but I think you would be able to tell without knowing beforehand that the same guy built that page and this one. My ugliest site was probably that color scheme's last outing as late as 2009 if I remember rightly. I did find a backup of that site too as I wanted a preloader I had set up on it, among the archives is a Gopher server I used to run, I am tempted to put one back online as the overhead is so minimal it really doesn't make any difference.


For the sake of it, here are some more random images from that time, including the original source for the sidebar image in the screenshot.


Cell shaded look in Build Two computers Some jerk with a telephone.


It is entirely possible I will post more later, including the video which the last image was taken from - it isn't very good though.


As a last note, I am now limiting the main page to only five posts to help the loading time. All older posts are still available in the list on the left hand side.


- High Treason