January 3rd 2016 - Work in progress...

The move is still happening slowly. With the new house being considerably smaller than my current one I have had to do a little work to clear up more space and whilst it will end up in the next moving Vlog, I may as well post the footage here now just because;



Far from an ideal solution, but the removal of the cabinets should give me enough room to store my bikes. In a neighborhood so prone to theft I don't really want to waste my time putting a shed up to keep them in because they would probably just break into it and steal it. With the radiator gone I should have more room for my sofa and stuff, but the living room will still be cramped. I am unsure yet whether I want to remove any more radiators, but I have drained the system so I can remove the pipes to the radiator I have taken out. Now I just have to figure out where to throw the trash that is left over.


- High Treason