April 3rd 2016 23:11 - The server is back!

As you might have seen in the previous post, the server decided to shit the bed. I started using this opportunity to do a few upgrades and repairs, but then I just kept falling asleep (Slept 20 hours without waking up_ and then got sick with a stomach bug. Right now the server is back up with a different configuration. Some things probably won't work and here's a breakdown;



This blog isn't going anywhere and has had very few alterations. Still looking into CMS but I don't think I will ever actually do that as it isn't hard to update manually (when it works) and I like the simple style it has. The only real changes are that I fixed some cell fonts (which were incorrectly defaulting to Tmes New Roman) and added a link back to the landing page on the left.



DNA is going into retirement. It will still be available on the server, but it will be disappearing from the landing page and shall also be excluded from search engine robots.



The web version is no closer to completion and that probably won't change any time soon. I may even scrap the web idea for that as I feel the FTP version is fine. To cut a long story short, the FTP is still here and should do the same things it did before.


3D Realms Mirror

As an extension of DARC, that will still be available as I don't trust anyone in the gaming industry today. If their FTP goes down my mirror should still be here in the same place it's always been.



A new and more interesting project is on the way. The new configuration allows me to bring in a second server and that server along with what it will host should be very interesting indeed... You won't see that for quite a long time though, so forget about it for now. The tests have worked however. Another, smaller project is currently being tested.


Server itself

Is now virtual with some dodgy trickery. Nothing much of any concern to the average reader as it is fairly straight forward and you can't see the difference... That's literally about it, the server hosting the blog and FTP is now split into a few different virtual servers. This makes it easier to manage as well as easier to back up. Otherwise all I have done is replace the drive with a larger one - 500GB vs 250GB, this was not really necessary as I had loads of space left - and replaced some dying fans that have been making noises for over a year. I shall upgrade to 4GB of RAM in the coming months as we currently dip into the page file by about 5MB when under full load. Server #2 is currently a bit of a secret and as I said, you won't see it for a long time.


The point remains, expect a few things to not do what they are supposed to do (if anything at all) for a while until I get everything back up to speed.


- High Treason