February 6th 2015 21:52 - First Post Ever!

Well, let's get this started, today I didn't do an awful lot, but I did mess around with one of my new toys a little;


Oh yeah, the Toshiba T3200SX Portable. This beast packs a 386SX-16 (SL Enhanced - Low Power), 5MB of RAM and a Paradise video card. I got this one for a decent price with the case, manual and original cable. There are some minor issues though, such as the hard drive - a 120MB Conner - not working and I will have to program a new BIOS EPROM before I can use the new one, a 512MB Quantum.


In the meantime I am booting DOS as well as loading anything I want from the floppy drive. This isn't a standard drive on the inside and uses a proprietary interface, the hard drive however is a regular IDE one in this version.


A monochrome orange Gas Plasma Display Panel is used in this machine, it has several advantages over the slow passive matrix LCD screens of the time and refreshes about as quick as a CRT, has a pretty decent resolution too. There's a certain charm to the orange color and it is easy to see in the dark as well as producing better blacks than an LCD of the era. Toshiba produced a T3200SXC which had a color display.


Today I installed a sound card; a Sound Blaster Pro 2, which may be a little overboard for this machine but it was cheap... Yeah, you read that right. This machine has two ISA slots, one 16-Bit and one 8-Bit, as well as a proprietary interface from Toshiba. The other slot here is taken up with a UK0022 Ethernet Card (NE2000 Compatible). The catch here is that this isn't a laptop as such as it has no battery (also it is rather heavy) and is in fact a portable. However, around 1989/90 people would have killed to get their hands on one of these with their price tag being in four-figure numbers.


Of course, this will appear on YouTube once I'm done setting it up, unfortunately I have to wait on things getting here.


- High Treason