April 6th 2015 11:19 - Blog is now LIVE!

And with a slight delay the blog is now live. Unfortunately I have nothing much eventful to write on it's first entry.


At this moment in time I have recently uploaded the Toshiba T3200SX Overview video to YouTube along with a new FlashBACK. I am planning to return to rendering out the remaining Duke Hard videos for my other channel and I may be getting hold of a new-ish (within the last decade) processor.


On the priorities list right now though, is a video card. I recently acquired a WinFast T230 which has defective memory chips soldered to it. I do not really have the tools to replace those but as it's broken anyway I may as well try - this is a rather special video card and I am determined to get it working. As a result, expect another post within the next week or so documenting my attempts at making it work using primitive soldering tools.


- High Treason