November 3rd 2015 05:05 - Angry roar!

You know when you try to sleep but it just doesn't happen? Well, that's me right now. This neighborhood, at least where I am, is a source of constant noise right now. From neighbors slamming doors to random drunk people starting fights in the road and dickheads blowing up their motorbike every five minutes. It's funny how a block with probably less than 20 people left can be so noisy.


Then, what do you know? The first quiet night in months and I can't sleep. Why? Because for unknown reasons my mind decides to go into rage mode over the fact I have to move. I know I keep mentioning that but it's pissing me off, knowing all the shit I have to do that I can't really afford to do. Sure, the moving is pretty much done by the council and that's fine - they aren't touching any of the computer stuff because I wouldn't trust them to go near that - but then I have to fix the next place.


When I signed the tenancy for this house it was a nice place. It had the original 1930s kitchen, the original fireplace, lovely varnished wood and perfect floors complemented by the original doors. I come back to find a bunch of dickhead workmen smashing my kitchen and try to remove them, they refuse and destroy my kitchen including the original Belfast sink (not cheap if you can even find an original) and putting in the crap I have now - that kitchen they put in is held up by the fridge, washer and cooker. They literally hold the cabinets up and two of those appliances don't work, I literally kept them to stop my kitchen falling down. Then there was the fireplace, they were sneaky with that one and managed to destroy it but did leave me the pile of rubble, smashed glazed tiles and twisted pieces of cast iron. Then they got rid of the immersion heater and destroyed most of the floor whilst installing central heating I never used and refused to have installed in the fucking first place... Which left me with a closet I can't use because they put the boiler in there and demolished the small cupboard the immersion heater had been installed in. I was very annoyed about that because my bedroom floor was perfect and was already varnished the way I wanted it, they left it full of holes, uneven and nailed through a gas pipe... I got them to fix that and they nailed through it again... and again... in six places. Eventually the gas was condemned but they left a board that was too thin and too narrow, leaving a 2-inch gap in the floor which they tried to fill with expanding foam after also butchering the edges of the surrounding boards and cutting all but 1.5 inches of the 12 inch joist out from beneath it which caused the ceiling below to crack. Council claimed there was nothing wrong with it, qualified builder (A friend at the time) claimed otherwise as did I. You don't have to be a master at physics to see why that was an issue. Their answer was that I wouldn't be able to see the holes if I put a carpet in and they had destroyed/removed/painted all the wood because it was "brown" and thus needed to be smashed. Oh, they demolished the garage too but still seem to be charging rent for it as I pay more than both neighbors.


As it is now, I did the best I could with this place before I got sick. I had to earth the sockets, repair some of the plumbing and have the gas removed, but it is still a long way from what I signed for just over 7 years ago. I managed to prevent further damage to the property after losing my temper and literally threatening legal action against workers trying to enter the property without permission (They have no legal right to be here) and once violence after the insulation people became aggressive. They were a nuisance for a long time and would show up often, they would start putting holes in the outside wall and trying to fill it with crap (AFAIK, Formaldehyde) despite me repeatedly signing the refusal form. Not only am I allergic to whatever material they use (I cannot stay in houses that have had this done for more than a few hours before I start wheezing) but it is also, again, a case of simple physics being ignored. The designers of the property left that cavity empty on purpose, in fact, as the house is poured concrete, it would have been easier to not put it there. They left it there because concrete is porous and if the inside wall connects to the outside wall, water comes through that wall and causes damp. If you want to test this, knock a brick out of your wall and place something across the cavity, watch that area develop damp over time, though this will be decelerated by the fact heat in the building causes airflow in the cavity, which will evaporate some of the moisture. The last thing you would want to do is put an absorbent material in that cavity. Funny how it is now the only house on the block which doesn't have mold growing out of the wall... You really want damp in a steel framed building.




The problem with things like this is that most people are complete idiots and they will just "yes" anything that gets posted through the door.
"Ooh, shiny new boiler? We'll have that." or "Oooh, new doors, we'll have those." and "PVC windows? We'll have those." (council windows never fit the frame properly) then even if they don't, the council will insist on removing anything half decent from the property before you get there.
I guarantee that 90% of that damn compensation is probably going to go on removing shitty insulation, rewiring their dangerous rewiring and trying to actually put flooring in that isn't lethal and fuck knows what else. If I find so much as one PVC window I will seriously lose my shit and there is a real possibility I will board over it in whichever room I spend the most time in as I refuse to look at that plastic crap all day and refuse to tolerate the increased heating bill caused by the inevitable gaps around the frame that always come with them. If I have enough to so much as decorate by the end I will be surprised. In fact, with my temper being so short these days and my health being too poor to do this shit I wouldn't be half surprised if I just lost it and took a sledgehammer to the place.



Otherwise, I have been looking into migrating this blog to CMS. This would probably lose all existing posts (well, they would be stuck on this version of the blog, given there is no database) but it might be easier to work with. We will see. Probably just stick with what I have, it seems to work.


Also looking at overhauling a few things on my channel at some stage. Only things that I lost after I had to stop using the Megadeth font. You may remember I used to have title cards for sections of the video and stuff like that, I never really completed the current design and don't have things like that. So it won't be a major change, just minor updates to the existing one where it has a few holes in it. I like the look I have going on in my tests though.


- High Treason