April 12th 22:58 - Hayfever sucks!

At this moment my hayfever is murdering me, and my internet still sucks major ass;



...And today is actually a good day for that. But I have gotten some more work done on the video card I talked about in the previous entry, only so far as removing the defective memory successfully with all pads in tact - without a hot air gun too (I need to get one though). That project may, however, go on hiatus for a couple of weeks because as soon as I don't feel as crappy - probably doesn't help that the new doctor stopped my B12 injections - I want to get on with the next portable video.


Also, there is another board that had to be repaired which I think is more important than the video card for a 486...


  A rather ominous sight... 


This is a good board with a good CPU, but what it is and what it is for are currently secret just in case it doesn't go as planned. The only thing I am saying on the matter is; "You can't defeat me, I'll destroy you!" as well as that, as yet, there are no signs that it doesn't want to work and it appears that the few hours spent conducting some shoddy soldering, questionable SMD work and tampering with the BIOS were not wasted. The clock generator can be a little enthusiastic but it is not far off of the correct value so I don't plan on trying to fix that.


I think that in the near future, I will make a blog exclusive video - the start of a new series called "High Treason Rambles" or something where I just sit and rattle on about stuff for around 10-15 minutes.


- High Treason