June 12th 03:33 - Silence!

UPDATE - Crysis averted!


Recent developments appear to show that my account is now back online. Some things still appear not to be working now, but whether they are important enough to bother YouTube Support with is something I have yet to make my mind up over.


Props to support though, they were only looking at the account suspension and they did resolve the issue in less than 24 Hours. Below is what I wrote when the account had been closed for a few hours.


- High Treason




I suspect I upset somebody. Boo hoo. There are two main problems with their attempt at silencing me as far as I can see;


  • I am not monetizing content, so false-flagging the account does not hurt me in any way at all. I was actually weighing up which videos qualified as "Creative Commons" so others could benefit more from them. I'm here to inform, not to assert intellectual property nonsense.

  • But it does hurt my viewers and that isn't acceptable.


I've probably been using the internet longer than they have been alive. I am not easily intimidated. I suspect I know where this originated and this adds a touch of irony, because by wiping out my channel, you removed any proof of every idiotic mistake or incorrect spec I ever stated, if I start another channel you could never prove I falsely reported the memory type for Board A or wrongly stated the Cache size for CPU B... Oops, now who looks stupid... Rabid fanboy epic failure alert I think. Oh, yeah, and the other problems here are;


  • I can make another account in about 3 minutes flat if that is necessary. As I said, I won't be silenced, so by all means try, good luck.

  • I can re-upload anything I still have the master of.

  • My videos are still about 450-500% better than yours will ever be.

  • I love making videos, it's what I do. I was actually having a patch of being stuck for ideas. If I don't get the account back, this is no longer a problem.

  • You can never un-see that I was approaching the size of several partnered / networked channels, and I'm a guy on benefits in his living room who just does this shit because it's what he wants to do... Ooohhhh burn, tsss.


Oh, well, have fun. At this moment I am attempting to recover my account. If anybody wants to talk in the meantime try my Skype "high.treason" but be sure to add a message stating I know you on YouTube or I will probably reject it... Otherwise, send e-mail to pau174u [át] AOL [dót] com (forgive the primitive anti-spam). Thanks, viewers for almost eight awesome years, it's been one hell of a fucking ride, I can tell you. I went from a douchey teenager with stupid long hair to a miserable foul-mouthed balding bastard. You have not seen the last of me, I've said a million times off-camera that if it goes tits-up and all I'm left to come back with is a Casio CA53W-1 and a mouldy potato, I will still do it, somehow. I also predicted several times that this would happen this year, as I think I have annoyed a lot of people by now.


- High Treason