September 14th 2015 04:50 - Is this thing on?

Holy shit! This thing actually works?


I do not have a lot to report. Only that the house move is drawing nearer and I am starting a script for a game review I want done by early October. I will say as much as this; it is on a console. I need an analog capture device for it, so it looks like the Pentium III will be coming out again to do that, though editing will be done on the Pentium D.


These pages are hard to edit from Windows 7 though not impossible. Poor old server... Nah, the server is fine, just a little outdated. I will soon probably have to start pulling the oldest post from this page when new ones are added, but all posts will be available in the list to the left there forever. Or, at least, as long as the hard drive lasts. Part of me did consider moving to another service as opposed to my own, but I prefer keeping this stuff on my own system. Besides, I can technically do whatever I want here - I could post nudey lady photos if I wanted and nobody could stop me... Hmm, now, there's an idea. Perhaps I should do a weekly PussyPost or BoobBump on here where I post pornographic images just to keep everyone coming back.


OK, maybe not. That would be a bit cheap.


I also grabbed some new-old video cards which will turn up in future videos. I want to get the game review done though and then there may be a long break as I don't want to be in the middle of working on something when I have to move.


Another service might be online on this server soon. A forum aimed at DOS game stuff but I suppose I could add other topics if it did well, it is more of a novelty than anything and I don't want to open it to the public yet. If you stumble upon it early, please don't mess with it too much and don't be surprised if you run into a 404 or something. Also, I am probably about to get my mod position taken away at another forum because I feel like trolling everyone with a stupid idea I had - in short, add something stupid to the forum rules and then threaten to ban everyone for never following it. Yeah, I'm an asshole like that. That forum sucks anyway.


I also shoved some files up on SoundCloud so by all means go and check those out; - on a related note, I might buy a Yamaha DX7 next year. Would rather have a Prophet 5, but I will never be able to afford one.


Oh, well, I guess I will try and post again soon. Still enjoying being able to walk, but not enjoying the sensation of starving. FUCK THE NHS!


I'd like to add, when I say "FUCK THE NHS!" I aim that towards the manager types. Paramedics, Ambulance Crews and most of the people you actually see at the hospital are great and will complain about the management bullshit more than I will. Which is only fair given it is their livelihood that is being fucked up by the high-ups.


- High Treason