September 16th 2016 00:45 - Now what!?

The move is completed, but not without a decent number of items being stolen by council contractors, items I will never get back and many I cannot replace. Also, working and filming in the new house is going to be difficult, but I am working on a solution. This is currently irrelevant as equipment is missing and I won't be able to really work on videos until the new workstation is running.


At the time of writing, the new Xeon workstation is probably around 10 days away from running (Assuming the delivery service gets my hard drives here on time) but it does not feature a capture solution yet, I am still researching what is available. It is likely I will use a StarTech device because thus far, they are the only company who have bothered to reply to my questions. Note to budding businessmen out there; Customer Support is important, if you're dealing with the public you need the support in place or else your sales will suffer, treat the customer like crap or ignore then and they will never come back. This might be why the local distributors stock StarTech parts, but not the competing product. Either way, props to StarTech on this one.


I will be back to videos as soon as I can and have a few planned already.


There is a chance that this Blog is going to retire next month in favor of something else, the landing page will be updated to reflect this.



- High Treason