April 22nd 01:36 - Technological Breakdown

A short time ago, I posted this update video;


Well, nothing has changed since then. The new hard drives arrived (2x 2TB WD RE4 SATA) and the operating system was installed, the motherboard and CPU are still performing stably so the Core 2 can now go on ahead and start shedding weight (capacity-wise) but I forgot about a feature of YouTube; Publish Video! Yeah, I can render and upload EVERYTHING and just publish them every couple of days.


For visiting my blog, you get information ahead of time, so the machine replacing the Core 2... Well, it's actually older than the Core 2, it's motherboard doesn't even support the Core 2, in fact, you'd be stretching it by installing a Pentium Extreme (Something I know it is somewhat capable of) and runs on the Intel 945P Chipset, want specs? Right! New parts are in italics, otherwise they are from the Core 2 Quad system.


Intel Pentium D 950 CPU at 3.40GHz (Faulty PLL yields a minimum of 3.48GHz actual)

ECS PF5 Extreme motherboard (With dodgy repairs and burned solder mask)

4GB Corsair DDR2-800 (Motherboard is limited to ~680MHz at stock FSB)

750 Watt PSU - I cannot remember the brand, SeaSonic, Corsair or something, no idea

2x 2TB Western Digital RE4 SATA RAID0 - Boot and Storage drives

2x 2TB Western Digital Black SATA RAID0 - Video capturing and editing drives

Same old case

CD-ROM drives for display only (They broke ages ago)

Liquid cooling which leaks a little (Can't afford to fix it, nor can I source fittings in that guage so duct tape and cloth are holding it together)

Intensity Pro

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum

nVidia GTX 460 MSI Cyclone OC 1GB - Only 768MB is useable now?


All in all, it's a mess and as I said in the video, it needs replacing and I am working on it, I may start selling things on eBay soon to help with that, I have a bunch of surplus 486 CPUs and some motherboards I don't need. This machine is at least stable and faster than the Pentium III for editing. Welcome back Alyssa!


- High Treason