December 25th 2015 21:06 - Apparently it's Christmas

So... It's Christmas or some shit. Who knows, nothing is happening here and that suits me just fine - no news is good news. The only things that have happened recently are as folows.


The Move

Still ongoing. Packing is a slow and tedious process and I am running out of space to continue. The council still won't fix things at the new house until I move in so I can't put things there to make it easier as the locks do not work. The council seems to be thinking of getting off their ass a little now though, possibly as I have not paid rent or tax in several weeks. Not ideal, but they sure listen to that. I have footage to use so I will be editing together another moving vlog in the near future. This will show things much better than I can in writing.


The Computers

Next year I want to change a few things on this site. For one thing, the 3D Realms mirror will be dropped from the front page (though as it is small, it will still be on the server) and the other projects may also disappear... Well... no, DARC will stay no matter what on the FTP side. I would like to put a computer museum type thing on here though where I have information on what I own going quite far into detail. I have also considered CMS for this site, but I doubt I will implement it because I like things to be done my way.


I recently cobbled together a machine with spare parts and it will have an interesting task to carry out. This will be discussed at a later time, but if it works, it will be pretty damn cool! Oh, I also obtained a rather cool monitor, but it is only black and white.

Dinky little monitor - you can't see it, boo hoo!

Peculiar little device to say the least and I have a very definite use for it. Probably involving the cobbled-together machine which is sitting behind it. The machine itself is nothing interesting, just the faulty Core 2 Quad with only a single working memory channel - which will be fine for the purpose it is going to have here.




Nothing else of interest has happened really. I caught the spider from my windowsill and am now keeping her in a glass tank so I can continue to work without risk of her getting hurt and I can now take her with me to my new home. I may let her escape after I've been there a while. She seems happy enough for now anyway, she's built a new web and has been fed a cricket which she made short work of.


Otherwise, everything is the same as usual. Bored out of my brain and trying to figure out what to do with myself... I'll think of something.


Also note: That I have started removing posts from this blog's front page. All posts are still available in the index to the left though, so you can get to them that way if you want to read them for some strange reasons.


- High Treason